Do Not Be Afraid To Mix Glass And Stainless Steel Fixtures In Your Kitchen

Do you remember when homeowners purchased matching furniture sets for their living rooms and bedrooms? That was truly a boring moment in interior design, but fortunately that trend is gone. Over the past two decades, there are fewer people buying furniture and accent pieces like that. It is boring just like matching home hardware. Would you ever consider mixing glass and stainless steel fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom?

Have you ever fallen in love with a light fixture, but chose not to add it to your kitchen because it did not match the other fixtures that were in your kitchen? Interior designers have proven that a design that is well plan can incorporate any type of metal finish or any colour.

Several decades ago, brass and chrome were the only metal choices for hardware in the home. There was not the full spectrum of metal finishes available like they are these days for homeowners to choose from. With the variety of metal finishes available, it can make mixing a lot more complex. Or does it?

Anything Goes
Most people think that when considering metal finishes like glass and stainless steel, anything goes when mixing these finishes. This type of mixing is especially prevalent in bathrooms and kitchens. For those who are updating these areas in the home to give them a fresh look, many think it is perfectly okay to mix metal finishes.

Choose Metal Finishes That You Like
Do you have white kitchen cabinets in your home? Do you know that black metal and dark bronze fixtures will make them stand out more? However, someone with the same colour cabinets may choose a nickel finish for their pulls and knobs.

So, where would that put the appliances and faucets? Most people are choosing to also mix those up as well. For example, you can have stainless steel appliances, dark bronze on the white cabinets, with a bronze track light and a pendant over the sink with glass accents.

The Importance Of Colours Working Together
By allowing colours to mesh together, the end goal is to see how one tone can enhance another. Cabinets and woodwork that are painted black can sit attractively on a natural wood coloured floor. Subway tiles painted white are the perfect backdrop for dark colours. By installing white counter tops, they will serve as a smooth transition from the subway tiles.

Most appliances in the kitchen should be stainless steel. However, if you do not want to have metal appliances, you can add wooden fronts to the appliances that complement your cabinetry. Stainless steel sinks are best for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. These types of sinks are durable and they are simple to clean.

What Does Not Work?
Although you mostly have free reign when mixing colours, metals and finishes, there is one combination you should avoid. Mixing cold tones with warm tones will never work. Always take the time to consider the mood of the room before you begin to put the elements you have chosen in place.

The fixtures you choose for your home should be outstanding. Mixing glass and stainless steel with various color schemes and finishes can work together.…

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