Create a Book and Share Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. That story could be made up out of whole cloth or it could be a true-to-life tale. Either way, if you have a story that feels like it must come out and get printed so that it can be shared with the world, you can get started on publishing it with the help of the self-publishing online service, Type & Tell.

Type & Tell  create a book was developed in Sweden with the primary goal of assisting writers in creating, publishing, printing and selling their books. There is a multitude of platforms that readers can now use to access books of all kinds. Getting a book published in the correct format for being read online or offline was not always a streamlined process.

Before Type & Tell, most online authors would have to adhere to a complex set of guidelines in order to format and create a book to suit one reading platform or another. With this new service, authors get to create and format books and their cover art with point and click ease.

Writers can take existing material from a software program such as Word and, after making a few small adjustments to eliminate any unnecessary formatting from the program, upload it. These changes are quick and easy to make and the simple steps are outlined clearly on the website.

For those who have a story in mind but have not yet put down a single word, there is the option to create a book from scratch. Once the book is uploaded or written, the service can help with designing a cover. Writers are free to use a template to create a cover or they can have a graphic designer assigned to create a bespoke book cover with them one-on-one.

When the book is complete, the book can be sold through many channels. The book can be an on-demand printable paperback or it can be a downloadable eBook. The service makes all eBooks readily available on any size screen using just about any type of reader.

Once the book has been completed, it undergoes a technical evaluation from the staff. After several business days, this process will be completed. If the book is accepted as it is, it will be ready to be sold online around the world. You can share your story and get paid to do so.

Type & Tell has several distribution and publishing packages which will help authors get the book out to the widest audience possible for the greatest price possible. Writers have the ownership of their rights to their work and will have the opportunity to price their books as they see fit.

No longer does publishing a book for online or offline reading have to be a long, tedious and complex process. The system used at this website is simple and streamlined. Authors can write, publish and sell their books all at one website. The service is free to use and is also completely secure.…

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