Steps Taken By Dry Ice Courier Service Providers To Transport Dry Ice

Dry ice is used extensively when carrying food items as it prevents spoilage. When you are shipping food items, the chief problem is food spoilage. Coolant products are needed to keep the food fresh and prevent rotting. But dry ice is considered hazardous for air travel, and thus there is strict regulation when it comes to transporting it. Many are not aware of ways of transporting dry ice, and so they do not know how to pack and transport it. The ones who provide dry ice courier services should follow important tips.

Buy Proper Dry Ice And Gel Freezer Packs

You will find that most of the butcher shops and grocery stores sell gel freezer pack and dry ice packs. Many vendors sell both items for the safe transport of dry ice. Besides this, one must obtain all the basic supplies for the safe transport of dry ice. Delivery drivers can require insulated vessels of different sizes, plastic wrap and newspapers. The vessel that is being talked here may be Styrofoam chest. You must have enough of containers to handle the transport. Do not arrange huge containers if the packages are small. It will be just a logistic waste.

Packing The Supplies

As the delivery person, you may start the task by wrapping perishable items by using plastic cling wrap. Simply overlap the layers and seal the package well. Dry ice will be needed to fit the bottom of the package. When it comes to choosing between dry ice and gel pack, you must choose dry ice as that keeps the package dry. There is also no restriction to the weight of dry ice you can transport. When it comes to handling dry ice, one has to exercise a lot of caution. Extreme temperature can burn the skin and so it is important to wear proper gloves. You may also use the combination of dry ice and gel packs.